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Peter Parkas


Messianic Ministry in the New York / New Jersey
Metro area

Outreach to the Jewish Community and
Teaching Illustrating the
Jewish Roots of Christian Faith

Peterís pulpit teaching includes:

bluepin.gif (986 bytes)The Messiah in the Passover
bluepin.gif (986 bytes)Witnessing Workshops
bluepin.gif (986 bytes)The Feasts of Israel
bluepin.gif (986 bytes)Israel in Prophecy

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Peter Parkasí Jewish background comes from his rearing by a Jewish stepmother. From the early age of 5, Peter attended Jewish summer camps in both the United States and Israel. He was raised secular with a strong emphasis on social justice. 

In a search for meaning and purpose in life, Peter turned to various worldly pursuits and philosophies.  It wasn't until the year 1984 when Peter was given a Bible and read it for himself  that he became convinced it was Godís Word. Shortly thereafter, he met a Jewish believer who shared with him the saving message of the Messiah Jesus! This bearer of the Good News led him in a prayer of faith and then discipled him. As God continued to work in Peterís heart and life, he received from God a deep burden to reach the ďlost sheep of the house of Israel.Ē

Since then, Peter has earned a Masterís degree in Jewish studies and has been involved in Jewish ministry for over twenty years. He is the Northeast Ministry Representative for CJF Ministries. Peter and his family are located in Metro New Jersey, in the Metropolitan Area of New York City for their outreach to the Jewish community. This locale is the home and workplace to about 2 million Jewish people!

Peter is married to Diann, a Jewish believer, who shares his vision for Jewish ministry. Diann holds a Master of Arts degree from NYU. Since their marriage in 1987, God has blessed them with four children.

His pulpit messages demonstrate Godís love for Israel and why it is important to bring the Gospel of Messiah Jesus to His Covenant People. He is an excellent communicator of Godís Word, in both its historical and contextual meaning. Whether your Church is looking to get involved in Jewish outreach or needs a Missions Conference speaker in the New York Metro area, Peter is a gifted speaker whose enthusiasm for the Word of God will excite all who hear him.